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Vietnam Post

Central Post Office, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Trade name

Vietnam Post Corporation
IndustryPostal services, courier


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ServicesLetter post, parcel service, EMS, delivery, postal banking
OwnerGovernment of Vietnam

Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnamese: Tổng công ty lớn Bưu năng lượng điện Việt Nam) is the Vietnamese government-owned postal service which was established on 23 March 2005.[1]

Universal Postal Union[edit]

Vietnam joined the Universal Postal Union on trăng tròn October 1951.[2]


The issuer of Vietnamese stamps changed though time, as Vietnam was governed by a variety of states and administrations. The first stamps were introduced by the French colonial administration, only in 1945 stamps specifically for Vietnam were issued. During the decades of conflict and partitioning, stamps were issued by mutually hostile governments. The reunification of Vietnam in 1976 brought about a unified postal service.


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