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One of the most unique places to tát find new games to tát play is Roblox, thanks to tát the platform allowing hundreds of developers to tát share their creations, and players can get a lot of không tính phí rewards by using redeem codes. Here are all the available Roblox promo codes available to tát claim for November 2023.

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Robux is the coveted premium currency in Roblox, but you should make sure to tát take advantage of redeem codes before you spend all of your hard-earned Robux.

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Codes can provide players with great không tính phí rewards, including cosmetics and even occasionally new character skins. You can also obtain skins by completing Roblox’s promotional levels, but many unique items are locked behind codes.

Roblox has plenty of other unique games to tát try out, too, many of which have their own unique codes that can be redeemed. For plenty of không tính phí rewards for Roblox games, make sure to tát kiểm tra out our dedicated promo code lists: Slayers Unleashed codes, Grand Piece Online codes, Pet Simulator X codes, Bee Swarm codes, Muscle Fighters codes, Blox Fruits codes, Dragon Adventure codes, Ro Ghoul codes, Driving Empire codes, World Zero codes, Anime Fighters Simulator codes, and Nin-Ja Legends codes.

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Here are all the active Roblox Promo codes available to tát claim for November 2023.

Updated October 31, 2023, to tát confirm code validity. No new codes have been released.


  • Roblox promo codes for clothes
  • How to tát get không tính phí Robux with promo codes
  • How to tát redeem Roblox promo codes
  • Island of Move codes
  • Mansion of Wonder codes
  • All expired codes in Roblox

Roblox cosmetics and items in official artworkRoblox Corporation

There are loads of cosmetics in Roblox, and you can even get some of them for không tính phí.

Roblox promo codes (November 2023)

All Roblox promo codes that haven’t expired for November 2023 have been listed below, so sánh grab them all before they do! These have been checked and are confirmed to tát work as of October 31, 2023.

Alongside a whole host of promo codes to tát enter, players can also take advantage of exclusive events and promotions in-game to tát earn extra cool rewards.

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Currently, Prime Gaming members can also claim a Knife Crown for Murder Mystery 2, so sánh be sure to tát head over to tát the site and claim it before it expires!

From Stranger Things to tát a Rabbit Shoulder Accessory to tát celebrate the Lunar New Year, kiểm tra these out không tính phí items below:

Sign up to tát Dexerto for không tính phí and receive:

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While there are plenty of options above, there are also even more không tính phí clothes and items available to tát claim. To vì thế this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head to tát the Avatar Shop.
  2. In the tìm kiếm bar, type ‘free‘ and press ‘Enter.’
  3. Next to tát the tìm kiếm bar, select ‘Featured‘ from the list.

Once you’ve done that, lots of không tính phí clothes will be available to tát get your hands on for không tính phí – so sánh make sure to tát claim your favorites!

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How to tát get không tính phí Robux

Unfortunately, there are currently no codes or methods to tát redeem không tính phí Robux. However, if any changes to tát this are made, we’ll be sure to tát update you here or in our dedicated ‘how to tát get không tính phí Robux‘ guide with any new information.

How to tát redeem Roblox codes

An image showing the location to tát enter promo codes in RobloxRoblox Corporation

Redeeming your Roblox promo code is as easy as entering it into the ‘Enter Your Code’ box shown above.

While some Roblox items can be claimed by simply pressing ‘Get’ on the required page, for others, you’ll need to tát enter a code. Once you’ve picked out your favorite items to tát redeem, it’s a pretty simple process to tát claim them. Simply follow these steps: 

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  1. Head over to tát the official Roblox website.
  2. Enter any Roblox promo code into the box that says ‘Enter Your Code‘ at the center of the screen.
  3. Hit enter, and it will be redeemed if valid in-game.

Island of Move không tính phí promo codes

Island of Move's redeem codes screenRoblox Corporation

Simply head to tát the platform once loading into the Island of Move to tát redeem your cosmetics.

The following Roblox promo codes are all redeemed via the Island of Move game, so sánh make sure you give this animation-themed level a go in order to tát claim some không tính phí clothes and prizes:

Mansion of Wonder promo codes

An image of the Swag Booth screen to tát redeem codes in Roblox Mansion of WonderRoblox Corporation

The Mansion of Wonder in Roblox has some really fun accessories to tát claim.

Below, you’ll find all of the newly added redeemable codes for the Mansion of Wonder. These can all be claimed in-game by approaching and interacting with the Swag Booth to claim không tính phí items and clothes.

List of expired Roblox promo codes

So, there you have it, all Roblox promo codes for không tính phí items and clothes for  November 2023.

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