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Fallout 4 HD Overhaul is providing new and improved HD Textures,
ranging from 1K Resolution up to tướng 8K.
He replaces ten thousands of Textures all over the World of Fallout 4 and its DLCs.
To complete the whole new Look i handpicked other 4k Textures
from the HD Texture Pack, improved and added them.
Clothes, Creatures, Weapons, Armors and other Stuff.
Character Skins and Power Armors are still in 2k. Face Textures 1k.
No more low res Crap in your trò chơi.
Most Mods i've ever released are also included.
Size in loose Files: 94 GB.
ba2 Archives: 65 GB.Requirements:
Fallout 4: trò chơi of the Year Edition.
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or a equivalent Hãng Intel CPU.
Graphics Card with 8GB VRAM for Full HD.
10GB VRAM or more for 1440p.
12GB VRAM or more for 4k.
Overhaul maybe works with 6GB Cards but wasn't never tested.
Always depends on how heavy Mod Setup is.
16 GB RAM.to solve issues with stutters when not enough VRAM is available for 1440p or 4k:
install a ENB Preset of your choice, open the enblocal.ini and mix this:

FO4 HD Overhaul is fully integrated into the original ba2 Texture Files.
No additional HD Texture Packs are necessary.
This ensures better Performance and shorter loading times.
This Fallout 4 HD Overhaul was intensively tested by bủ
the latest Years and i haven't had an single crash.
It's the biggest and most stable Mod on Nexus.

Warning: tự not verifying tệp tin integrity via Steam after replacing
the original ba2 files with my new ones!
Installation (possible to tướng install with a Mod Manager. not tested by me):
If you have the the official HD DLC installed, remove it first.
Download all 15 zip Archives, unpack and
replace the original ba2 Files in your Data Folder.
Install the FO4 HD Overhaul Materials Glowing Sea rar tệp tin.

Visible Galaxy Framework is required to tướng make the Galaxy and Sky Stars Textures work.
HQ LOD Textures available for FO4 LODGen Users.

Tip: Make a Backup of your original ba2 texture files before.

Thank you for choosing my HD Overhaul. Happy Gaming.

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A huge thank you to tướng all my Friends and Users here
for their continuous Support throughout the latest Years.


2k Version is available now here:

my special thanks goes to:
BiRaitBec for his WorkBasespecial Greetings to:
huge thanks to:

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