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Are you looking for the best alternative đồ sộ our HappyMod ứng dụng store? Did you find any? Still, if you haven’t found any excellent apk mod market, then here is our quest result. The ứng dụng is called Jojoy APK, which allows us đồ sộ tải về handpicked apps and games. Also, many features are similar đồ sộ ours, and we can simply gọi it a blind copy. Anyway, it provides its own modified versions.

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Also, we suggest AC Market many times đồ sộ our users for the best alternative đồ sộ our store. However, users report broken or not fully functional apps or games. So, we decided đồ sộ find a new ứng dụng store that could work alongside ours. Finally, here is the article for you đồ sộ tải về the official version of the Jojoy ứng dụng.


What is Jojoy APK?

Jojoy is simply an apk store that basically offers various applications as well as games. The only one difference compared đồ sộ platforms lượt thích Aptoide is that it only provides a modified version of the originals. So, you will only get paid apps and unlocked games. Works charm in apk operation systems from 4.0 đồ sộ the latest.

So, users who cannot tìm kiếm for their desired ứng dụng on the mạng internet can easily make use of it. Because, there were no intriguing advertisements đồ sộ redirect us đồ sộ many unknown sites. A simple user interface helps us đồ sộ navigate any item through categories. Also, user rating is the one we rely upon when we try đồ sộ tải về the mod. Meanwhile, we are the first đồ sộ introduce this kind of rating method.

App Info

Size20 MB
Last updatedMarch 05, 2023

Jojoy is backed by Moddroid, one of the most prominent apk mods stores. So, you won’t need đồ sộ be sceptical about the nội dung that this ứng dụng is offering. If you trust the Moddroid, you can go with this without any doubt.

Here is the official tải về links, and we update it whenever a new version comes out from them. So, this is not a modified version for now. We will make a mod for it if the developers add annoying advertisements.




Categories are the key đồ sộ finding what we are looking for. Suppose you lượt thích action games only; you want đồ sộ explore more of the same genre. In that case, you just go đồ sộ the action category and look at the games. Try the most interesting one by reading its info. This is how you can make use of this feature.

They offer every category that the Playstore has. Here is the list: ACG, kích hoạt, Adventure, Arcade, Beautiful Girl, Board, thẻ, casual, Chess, Console, Educational, Horror, Multiplayer, Open World, Puzzle, RPG, Racing Shooter, Simulation, Sports, Strategy, Survival, Business, Communication, Education, Entertainment, family, Life, News, Photography, Social, Sports, Tools, Traffic, Video&Music, and Weather.

My Games

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My games is a separate section that only shows the apps and games that are already installed on your device. You just need đồ sộ kiểm tra this section đồ sộ know the updates or even uninstall if you don’t have any item in this list—a handy option for not going into the apk settings đồ sộ uninstall apps.

Create an Account


Anyone can create an tài khoản with a phone number or gmail. However, this is not a compulsory step đồ sộ use the Jojoy apps store. Once can use the ứng dụng store without the need of creating an tài khoản. This tài khoản creation is only for those who need their apps đồ sộ be published and also for those who lượt thích đồ sộ wish for the mod.

Search Option

The tìm kiếm option is a great way of finding the ứng dụng or game when only you know its name of it. Jojoy provides a really good tìm kiếm engine that lets us find any item by just typing the name. Also, suggestions while typing make us choose the correct ứng dụng.

Wish for Mod

If you find that the app/game has no mod or the currently available mod is not working properly on your apk device, then you can tap on the wish of mod option. The developers get your request with the apk os details and architecture of your device. It helps them đồ sộ understand the issue and rectify it properly.

User ratings


The best feature I love in this Jojoy ứng dụng store, even though they copied from our HappyMod. Well, this feature lets users help decide the best mod or version from available items because all the reviews are from verified users.

Upload Mods

Hey, the modders have a chance đồ sộ upload their mods đồ sộ the JoJoy servers. But, before that modder needs đồ sộ create an tài khoản and then only upload their work. Once the developers receive the .apk tệp tin, they will kiểm tra everything manually. Only If they think the uploaded item is safe and working the apk tệp tin is available for the masses.

Final Words

Jojoy is a very good ứng dụng currently and trustworthy as it is from the makers of Moddroid. So, you can tải về a lot of working games for không tính phí. I hope you lượt thích this store, and don’t forget đồ sộ kiểm tra our ứng dụng store if you can’t find what you are searching for in their apk store.

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