Lời Bài Hát Gửi Về Anh


You are welcome. Bầu Thanh is our most beloved singer. She passed the way last year, in the USA, at age of 86.

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Туна Ченевская

I was really sad hearing this news last year, although I"ve only listened to lớn one tuy nhiên of her (this one). It just moves me so much và this tuy vậy has accompanied me whenever I"m full of joy or sorrow. I might explore more of her songs later.

As I am quite interested in Vietnamese language and this song, may I ask you a few questions about this song?1. I noticed that some versions spell the title as "Gởi về anh" while others spell "Gửi về anh". What are the differences? Are they accent difference, misspelling, or something else?2. Was this tuy nhiên originally sung by thai Thanh? Is there any special story behind/about the song?3. How popular is this song in Vietnam?

I"d be very glad if you"d like to answer. Thank you very much for taking your time!



"Gới" & "gửi" are both correct. I think "gửi" was rather used in north-VN, and "gởi" in south-VN, but now we use them both everywhere. This tuy nhiên was sung by many artists. I do not remember if there is a special story behind. Khổng lồ my opinion, this tuy vậy is not the most popular sung by bầu Thanh. The best way to lớn appreciate bầu Thanh is to listen to her, you can find a considerable number of videos in the internet. If some of these interest you, you can post the lyrics here and ask for translation. Another celebrated singer is Khanh Ly, who sings Trinh Cong Son musics, I"ve translated some of these in this site.Thanks for the questions, An

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Туна Ченевская

Thank you for your detailed answer! I"ll check them out online



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