open ai gpt

Ask u anything

  • Teach u vĩ đại negotiate
  • Quiz u on vocabulary
  • Plan a surf trip vĩ đại Costa Rica
  • Draft a thank-you note
  • Explain this code
  • Help u train for a half marathon
  • Translate this recipe into Greek
  • Rank dog breeds for a small apartment
  • Help u plan a fun dinner party
  • Draft a social truyền thông media nội dung calendar
  • Explain why popcorn pops
  • Plan an itinerary for teens in Hong Kong
  • Design a database schema
  • Recommend an easy potluck dish
  • Help u build a budget
  • Critique my short story
  • Find gentle lower back stretches
  • Make this recipe vegetarian
  • Explain options trading lượt thích I'm 5
  • Help u pick a halloween costume
  • Write a polite rejection email
  • Generate fantasy football team names
  • Explain airplane turbulence
  • Write a spreadsheet formula
  • Brainstorm domain name names
  • Explain nostalgia vĩ đại a kindergartener
  • Help brainstorm interview questions
  • Summarize my meeting notes
  • Write a Python script
  • Plan a college tour
  • Suggest rainy day activities
  • Write a SQL Query
  • Help u with gift ideas for my dad
  • Draft an tin nhắn for a repair quote
  • Troubleshoot my printer set-up
  • Write a thank-you note
  • Help u debug this code
  • Create a mobility training workout
  • Brainstorm podcast episode ideas
  • Review my argument for a debate
  • Suggest photo shoot locations
  • Teach u Mahjong for beginners
  • Draft a checklist for a dog-sitter
  • Help u improve this job description
  • Rank e-bikes for daily commuting

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ChatGPT can see, hear, and speak

  • Vision

    Chat with images

    You can now show ChatGPT images and start a chat. Troubleshoot why your grill won’t start, explore the contents of your fridge vĩ đại plan a meal, or analyze a complex graph for work-related data.

  • Dalle 3

    Create new images

    Create images simply by describing them in ChatGPT. Invent new logos, comic strips, and photorealistic scenes right in the chat. You can bring your ideas vĩ đại life with our most capable image model, DALL·E 3.

  • Voice

    Chat with voice

    You can now use voice vĩ đại engage in a back-and-forth conversation with ChatGPT. Speak with it on the go, request a bedtime story for your family, or settle a dinner table debate.

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$0 / month

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Free plan features

  • Access vĩ đại GPT-3.5
  • Regular model updates
  • Access on trang web, iOS, Android


$20 / month

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Get started

Plus plan features

  • Access vĩ đại GPT-4 (our most capable model)
  • Chat with images, voice and create images
  • Use and build custom GPTs
  • and includes everything in Free

Do more with GPTs

You can choose from hundreds of GPTs that are customized for a single purpose—Creative Writing, Marathon Training, Trip Planning or Math Tutoring. Building a GPT doesn’t require any code, so sánh you can create one for almost anything with simple instructions.