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Flagship Processor of The Year

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Quad Camera with 20x Hybrid Zoom

Fluid Display

50W SuperVOOC Flash Charge

Hybrid Zoom

Full Care Display Certification by TÜV Rheinland

UFS 3.0 Super-Fast Flash Storage

Hi-Res Professional Sound Quality Certification

Outracing Flagship

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 PlusFlagship Processor UpgradeGPU Performance Enhanced by 15%*

The realme X2 Pro is powered by latest flagship CPU of Qualcomm , the Snapdragon 855 Plus and the most powerful processor of realme yet.
It reaches exhilarating clock speeds of up to lớn 2.96 GHz.
A new-generation Adreno 640 GPU gives the processor 15% faster graphics rendering than thở the Snapdragon 855. It also supports the Snapdragon Elite Gaming – a complete elevation of the gaming experience powered by Quad HD+ gaming graphics and tốc độ enhancement engines. On top of that, an AI processing chip 3x faster than thở the Snapdragon 845 and all-core intelligent scheduling ensure you’ll be able to lớn lập cập the most demanding games with ease.

Latest UFS 3.0 Flash StorageSpeed soars to lớn 80% faster*Up to lớn 12GB + 256GB

The realme X2 Pro is equipped with an ultra-fast UFS 3.0 flash storage chip that tốc độ up to 80% compared with the previous generation. Whether it’s a Blu-ray movie or a next-gen game, this means significantly shorter loading times and a noticeably smoother experience. Especially with the snappiness and fluidity of up to lớn 12GB LPDDR4X flash storage, switching between apps is lightning fast. *

Vapor ChambersHeat Dissipation Area Up to 1373mm²Multiple Heat Dissipation Systems

Unleash your gaming experience with a premium Vapor Chambers system that heat dissipation area up to lớn 1373mm² of the phone body toàn thân , preventing your processor from overheating. In addition, superconducting carbon fibers, a multi-layer graphite sheet and other heat dissipation materials 100% fully covered core heating source, also reduce processing phone temperatures. Vapor Chambers and superconductive heat dissipation highly improve cooling performance, guaranteeing peak processor performance at all times, even for the most graphics-heavy games.

50W SuperVOOC Flash ChargeSupercharge Your GamingA Full Charge in 35 Minutes

Next-level SuperVOOC 50W Flash Charge technology gets you to lớn full battery in 35 Minutes. These blistering charging speeds are protected by an intelligent five-core chip system that provides real-time monitoring of the electrical current. SuperVOOC 50W Flash Charge means you needn’t interrupt gaming, charging up to lớn 80% of the battery in just 30 minutes while you game – an immense 4x improvement over 9V/2A 18W quick charging. Support for PD and QC charging also means that the X2 Pro can take advantage of other available powerful quick charging techs.

“Anti-Lock” Quad Gaming AntennaAlways Stay Connected

The 4x4 MIMO*“Anti-Lock” Gaming Antenna was created to lớn provide superior signal stability during gaming. In addition, dual Wi-Fi and dual channel technology* intelligently boost speeds, making Wi-Fi network connection both faster and more stable.

Hyper Boost 2.0Game Like a Pro

Frame Boost 2.0 frame rate acceleration increases in-game stability by 41.1%, while Touch Boost 2.0 increases system-wide touch responsiveness by 22.2%, delivering an E-sports quality experience.

Game Space & trò chơi AssistantSpecialized Gaming Management

Game Space is an application that brings console-like convenience to lớn gaming management. trò chơi Assistant is there for you while you game, allowing you to lớn block all pop-up notifications or phối them to partial transparency. It also provides quick access to lớn screenshots and screen recording, so sánh you can document your most epic moments and share them with friends.

Hawk Eye ZoomIncisive Imaging

64MP Ultra-clear SensorStunningly Sharp ResolutionThe highest Pixel of realme yet

The groundbreaking 64MP camera, equipped with Tetracell and 3 chiều HDR technologies, performs exceptionally great under any condition. Its vast imaging power is capable of outputting 9280x6944 ultra-high resolution full-scale pictures - so sánh large that can be printed onto 3.6-meter posters with crystal clarity!
*Data from Samsung Semiconductor and realme labs. Information about 3.6-meter poster printing obtained from testing and verification carried out by realme labs.

Full-Focus Hawk Eye SystemUp to lớn 20x Zoom, 5x Hybrid Optical Zoom

The Hawk Eye Imaging System is an all-new feature that uses AI to lớn realize 5x hybrid optical zoom, and up to lớn 20x hybrid zoom. Discover a completely new world of camera angles and focus settings that enable any object or scene to lớn be captured up-close, or far away.

Exclusive Màu sắc TuningBy Professional Photographer

World renowned photographer, Aaron Huey, has once again teamed up with realme, this time working extensively on mastering the complexity of urban environments. His years of experience shine through in the outstanding color performance the X2 Pro brings to lớn urban shooting scenarios.

Super Nightscape 2.0Sharper Night Photos

The realme comes with its largest sensor to lớn date – an extraordinary 1/1.72-inches! Utilizing the upgraded Super Night Mode 2.0 algorithm and multi-frame image averaging, this new Night Mode enhances shadow details, diminishes image noise, and increases dynamic range of all your night photos. The result is an overall brighter picture with exceptional night-time details. The new upgrade now also allows you to lớn use Super Night Mode with your front-facing camera so sánh selfies taken in even the darkest of environments will still appear remarkably clear and bright.

Ultra Video Stabilization, Steady Like Never Before

The new UIS super anti-shake algorithm combined with the built-in ultra high-sensitivity gyroscope corrects any hand movements or shaking in real time. Whether you’re in the middle of running or jumping, the rear camera’s Clip performance will remain entirely

115° Super Wide-AngleAnti-Distortion Lens

Whether you want to lớn capture a mountain or a skyscraper, enjoy more details with up to lớn 360% magnification. The DLDC Dual Anti-Distortion System* will also prevent any wide-angle distortions.

2.5cm Super Macro Mode

This new mode delivers amazing ultra close-range pictures.

B&W Portrait Lens

The hardware-level B&W color filtering system captures lights and shadows that enhances your portraits by displaying a more vibrant range of textures.

Super Wide-Angle Videos

Record unprecedented super wide-angle videos with up to lớn 360%.

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Real-Time Video Blurring Effect

With a large aperture, depth of field effects can instantly be applied to lớn each frame, allowing you to lớn records videos with seamless close-up transitions.

960fps Slow Motion Videos

Have fun slowing down videos by up to lớn 32 times to lớn relive every millisecond of all the wonderful moments you’ve captured.

A Shockingly Smooth Screen

90Hz Fluid Display50% Increase in Frame Rate*

Let your every touch feel the ultimate comfort with realme’s 90Hz fluid display, its smoothest screen to lớn date.

Super AMOLED6.5-inch Samsung DisplayDCI-P3 Màu sắc Space

Now it includes the DCI-P3 Màu sắc Space which supports an increased variety of richer and more dynamic colors. The built-in vivid or soft color mode options allow you customize your system based on your personal visual preferences.

New lighter material

Reduced power consumption

Ultra highest contrast


Highest brightness

Official HDR10+ Certification

The realme X2 Pro comes with a certified HDR10+ screen that supports Clip player. This feature offers more precise colors, higher contrast between bright and dark layers, and more vivid details.

Full Care Display Certification by TÜV Rheinland

The realme X2 Pro has earned TÜV Rheinland's Global Eye Care Full Care Display Certification for low-brightness stroboscopic and low xanh rờn light protection to lớn keep your eyes healthy at all times. *Official specifications according to lớn TÜV Rheinland's latest certification 37.5% xanh rờn light reduction

New Generation In-Display Fingerprint ScannerUnlocks in 0.23 Seconds

Goodix's new generation G3.0 fingerprint scanners have upgraded their standard green light projections to lớn now include the full white color spectrum. This provides a more comprehensive monitoring and recognition system that adds an additional layer of security. With an improved anti-glare screen and a more powerful core, realme has achieved its fastest fingerprint unlocking system yet.

Dual Stereo SpeakersDolby AtmosCertified Hi-Res Sound Quality

Enjoy the thrill of a good game or movie with realme’s first dual surround sound speakers paired with Dolby Atmos technology .

Curved 3 chiều GlassBrightness with Dazzling Texture

realme offers two striking color options: Neptune Blue and Lunar White,inspired by the powerful and mysterious currents of the sea and Artemis white, inspired by the dazzling light of the moon.
For the first time, realme X2 Pro has adopted nanomachine technology and increased its investment into research and development by threefold. It has now produced an exquisitely transparent glass with such delicate texture that the light emanating from the screen resembles moonlight scattered across the everchanging deep currents of the sea. The curvature of the 3 chiều glass design also provides you with a smooth and comfortable gripping experience.

Multi-function NFCYour Wallet on Your Phone!

Simplify your lifestyle and say goodbye to lớn bulky wallets with realme X2 Pro’s ability to load, making the payment safe when you go on Google Pay.

Dark ModeThe Stunning Look for Your System

Get the new ultra-popular dark mode! This mode enhances your entire interface with a sleek dark look that offers a more immersive experience when used with multiple third-party applications.

ColorOS 6.1 realme Custom VisionAn Increased Sense of Space to Captivate the Eyes

A new design that takes advantage of your entire screen. This is a unique concept that brings a cleaner visual experience enhancing ease of use lượt thích never before. With a new intelligent system, the powerful AI, increases performance and reduces power consumption.

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