Streamline the way you work sánh your team can track projects and hit deadlines with ease.

Track progress with Asana Gantt view

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Track progress at a glance

Gantt view

Get this project-management staple to lớn help you map out larger projects and compare original plans against real-time progress.

Timeline view

See how all your work fits together sánh you can kick off projects on the right foot and deliver them on time.


Mark specific points along a project’s timeline that signify different phases of work and whether or not it’s on track.

Project dashboards

Use graphs and data visualizations to lớn help you get a quick pulse on progress and identify potential blockers.


Automate busywork sánh you can focus on work that matters most

Workflow builder

Coordinate work seamlessly across teams by automating processes and connecting the right people with the right information.

Custom project templates

If your team has work they repeat, you can create custom templates sánh they don’t have to lớn start from scratch every time.


Use forms to lớn standardize the way work gets kicked off and quickly gather the information you need for any given project.


Set rules to lớn take care of routine tasks. Just assign a trigger that activates an action, lượt thích automatically assigning a task when a due date is mix.

Maximize impact with Asana's workflow builder


Centrally manage your users and teams

Admin Console icon

Admin console

Get usage insights, manage members and teams, and control security all in one place.

Google SSO Icon

Google SSO

Enable Google SSO for increased identity protection and a simpler login experience for your users.

Use Asana Intelligence to lớn generate project status updates


Amplify your impact with Asana Intelligence

AI has joined the team to lớn drive greater clarity, impact, and scale for entire organizations.

Asana intelligence icon

Smart status

Create more comprehensive status updates that identify risks, open questions, and roadblocks standing in the way of hitting goals.

Asana intelligence icon

Smart answers

Get timely answers and insights about projects, identify blockers, and determine next steps.

Asana intelligence icon

Smart editor

Write clearer, more compelling responses that strike the right tone with help from auto-generated recommendations.

Asana intelligence icon

Smart summaries

Get action items and highlights from conversations, tasks, and comments without another meeting.

Asana intelligence icon

Smart fields

Organize projects with auto-generated custom fields, sánh every team is on the same page.


All of your work in one place

Connect the tools your teams use most to lớn cut down on time spent switching between apps. Asana integrates with hundreds of apps, sánh you can see all your work in one platform.

Asana made a major impact on Vox Creative. I don't know how we would bởi it if it weren't all in a centralized place. We wouldn't have gotten to lớn this place in our business without it, quite honestly.

Corri SkinnerExecutive Director, Client Success at VoxMedia

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Got more questions? We’ve got answers.

What are the benefits of upgrading from Asana Personal to lớn Asana Starter?

The Starter plan gives growing teams the features they need to lớn enable collaboration between teammates, track project progress, and hit deadlines. 

At the Starter level, you get all of the personal features in addition to lớn access to lớn workflows, automations, and project views lượt thích Gantt and timeline. 

What additional controls and security features bởi you offer in Starter vs Personal?

By upgrading to lớn Starter, you’ll get:

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  • Comment-only projects

  • Private projects

  • Hidden teams 

  • Unlimited không lấy phí guests

  • Google SSO 

  • Admin console 

  • Org-wide password reset

  • 3 levels of access for projects: admin, editor, and commenter

  • Team admins can:

    • Restrict team members from editing the team name 

    • Restrict team members from editing the team description 

    • Restrict team members from deleting the team 

    • Restrict team members from editing the team privacy type

How bởi I know if Starter is right for my team?

Every organization is different, and the benefits of Starter can be harnessed by teams small and large, whether they’re just starting or have used Asana for a while.

Here are a few key indicators that your team would benefit from Starter:

  • If you are on a team of more kêu ca 10 people and up to lớn 500

  • If you are a project manager (or manage projects as part of your job)

  • If you have work that needs to lớn be reported on

  • If you regularly repeat projects or processes (templatizing work)

  • If you have complex or detailed workflows

  • If you work with lots of different teams across your organization

  • If you work at a large company*

  • If you’re putting sensitive information into Asana*

  • If you need help onboarding your team to lớn Asana*

* Larger teams, entire organizations, or those looking for even more powerful Asana features and tư vấn options should consider our Enterprise offerings.

What are the best features included in the Starter plan?

The Starter plan gives you access to lớn powerful features like:

  • Timeline view

  • Gantt view 

  • Forms 

  • Custom project templates

  • Task templates

  • Dependencies 

  • Workflow builder

Can you mix Personal and Starter users in a single plan?

If you have an organization, you could upgrade a specific team to lớn Starter and invite only the users who need access to lớn Starter to lớn the team. By doing sánh, the rest of the teams in your organization will remain using the Personal version of Asana. You can learn more about upgrading here.

What additional security features bởi you offer for Starter?

Security is a top priority for us. We offer a high level of security for both không lấy phí and paid customers. To learn more about how we protect your data, kiểm tra out our Security Statement, Privacy Statement, and the related section of the Asana Guide.

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Asana’s enterprise plans give you even more control and tư vấn. Learn more about Asana for Enterprises.

Need even more features? Try Advanced.

The plan for companies that need to lớn manage a portfolio of work and goals across departments.

  • Portfolios
  • Critical path
  • Goals
  • Formulas
  • Universal reporting
  • Approvals
  • Time tracking
  • Forms with branching and custom branding

Get to lớn work with Starter

Unlock the features you need to lớn power your team's best work.