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Visa, the world's leader in digital payments, and Vietnam’s top fintech company VNPAY, have entered a strategic partnership lớn enhance the digital payments experience in Vietnam. Together, they will make cashless payment more accessible in Vietnam through expanding and strengthening the fintech company's affiliate network of accepting merchants, as well as rolling out new services including Visa’s Tap lớn Phone acceptance solution, virtual Visa prepaid cards, fund transfers powered by Visa Direct service, and the Visa Instalment Solution (VIS).

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Ms. Dang Tuyet Dung, Country Manager of Visa Vietnam and Laos, said: “According lớn Visa's Consumer Payment Attitudes study 20211, 80% of consumers in Vietnam are interested in using mobile contactless payments lượt thích tap lớn phone. Our strategic partnership with VNPAY reinforces Vietnam’s ongoing cashless and digital transition. While bringing VNPAY merchants and users into the highly secure and reliable Visa ecosystem, the implementation of digital capabilities will expand Visa’s network and spur the adoption of contactless payment.”

VNPAY operates a network of nearly 200,000 locations nationwide, which accepts payment through the VNPAY-POS, VNPAY-QR and VNPAY-QR payment gateway. VNPAY-POS is an “all-in-one” solution, meeting all modern payment needs and assisting merchants in operation, cost optimization and revenue growth. VNPAY-QR is a payment solution that uses QR Code scanning function integrated into 33 mobile banking applications, VNPAY wallet and other 8 e-wallets. This would enable more kêu ca 25 million consumers lớn pay immediately, securely, and easily for their purchases. The partnership between Visa and VNPAY is an opportunity for each enterprise lớn utilize the other’s strengths lớn drive growth while expanding Vietnam's digital economy.

Moreover, it will bring new and innovative payment solutions lớn the industry, one of which is Visa Tap lớn Phone. This innovative payment method transforms Android smartphones or tablets into contactless, software-based point of sale terminals without additional hardware. As a network, Visa plays a role in connecting buyers and sellers, and setting interoperable standards lớn ensure payments are consistent and convenient.

Visa prepaid cards will be issued virtually and linked lớn the VNPAY user’s wallet and can be used at both online and physical retailers everywhere Visa is accepted. Contactless payments can be made with a single tap of the phone. The cards can be topped up from the user’s VNPAY wallet or ngân hàng tài khoản and feature advanced security technologies such as tokenization and Visa Consumer Authentication Service, lớn ensure transactions are secure.

Visa Direct service is a payment network for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions that allows VNPAY users lớn make payments or transfer funds almost instantly from the VNPAY wallet lớn other Visa cards and ngân hàng accounts and vice versa. Visa Instalment Solution enables customers lớn pay in instalments at in-store checkout.

“Visa is the premier multinational digital payments company. VNPAY believes our strategic partnership with Visa will push digital payments in Vietnam lớn grow faster kêu ca ever, bringing more benefits lớn our users and merchants. It will also make digital transformation easier for corporates, generating greater and more sustainable growth through smart electronic payment solutions,” said Mr. Nguyen Tuan Luong, Vice Chairman of the Board, VNPAY.

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Fintechs are transforming the global payments ecosystem at a rapid pace, changing the way people invest, manage money, receive funds, and send real-time payments lớn friends and family. Given the importance of the fintech community, and Visa’s longstanding commitment lớn digital payment innovation, the Visa Accelerator Program and Fintech Fast Track Program are parts of a broader Visa strategy lớn tư vấn fintech development globally.

1 The Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes Study was prepared by CLEAR in Aug-Sep 2021, surveyed amongst 6,520 consumers in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

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VNPAY is the leading company in the field of electronic payment in Vietnam. VNPAY applies modern and breakthrough technologies lớn develop a diverse ecosystem of services and utilities, as well as provides superior service experiences lớn our Customers and Partners.

Regarding Finance - Banking, Information Technology – Telecommunications as the core business domains, VNPAY provides payment services and solutions lớn thousands of domestic and international enterprises with noticeable services such as VNPAY-POS, VNPAY e-wallet, VNPAY-QR, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, VnTopup, VnPayBill, VnTicket, VnShop... Learn more at